Missoula International Airport construction on track to finish end of 2021

MISSOULA- The Missoula International Airport recently surpassed the one year mark of construction on their newest terminal.

Flyers can expect the current construction zone be an up and running terminal come end 2021.

The $67,000,000 project that broke ground in 2018 is on track to open its newest addition, and airport leader, Tim Damrow, said guests can expect an entirely different experience.

"Lot bigger gate areas, more jet bridges, additional food and beverage options, but also just a much more modern facility than how we are used to here,” manager of projects, Damrow said.

With more room, comes more business.

"Currently we have an RPF out for our food and beverage concessions, those proposals are due back here right at the beginning of December, so we will hopefully be able to start filling that building up,” he said.

Airport officials say they are looking for one ownership of concessions, but with multiple concepts.

"We're leaving it pretty open right now, hoping to get a mix of good options to choose from. We obviously want something that is going to tie into our local culture here in Missoula and something everyone will enjoy,” Damrow said.

For parties interested in submitting a food and beverage proposal, click here.  

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