Gallatin County Search and Rescue finds missing dementia patient

MISSOULA - A missing 80-year-old hunter was found in the Ninemile area near Missoula early Monday morning.

The hunter went missing after he separated from his hunting partner to expand their footing Sunday afternoon, according to Montana County Sheriff's Office. 

Missoula County Search and Rescue responded to the report after the hunter did not return with his partner as planned.

According to Missoula County Sheriff's Office, at 1:30 a.m. he was found in good shape.

Police say the hunter did the right thing by wearing warm clothes and kept blood flowing by moving consistently. He also remained in the same location by dark, making it easier for crews to find him.   

Missoula County Sheriff's Office wants to let people know while recreating it is important to dress weather appropriate, bring a flashlight and have food and water in case of emergency. They say phones are helpful, but only with enough signal and battery charge.

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