MISSOULA - A federal judge ordered that the publisher of a neo-Nazi website pay $14 million to a Montana woman who was barraged with harassment from followers of his site.

Last month, Federal Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch recommended that Andrew Anglin pay $14 million in damages based on the suffering and terror inflicted on Tanya Gersh and her family.

Lynch's recommendation wasn't a final order until it was approved by U.S. District Judge Dana L. Christensen [PDF] on Thursday, Aug. 8. 

A Southern Poverty Law Center press release says it's a victory for Tanya Gersh and sends a message that harsh punishment awaits anyone trying something similar. 

Gersh and the SLPC sued Anglin, saying he egged on followers of The Daily Stormer to send her anti-Semitic hate mail and death threats.

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