LINCOLN - Firefighters successfully doused a holdover fire that had been slowly burning inside a cottonwood tree for over a month.

Lincoln Volunteer Fire Rescue says the massive cottonwood was struck by lightning in mid-July and burned from the inside out. On Aug. 22, the fire grew to the top and became a threat to nearby residents of an RV park.

Firefighters and Forest Service workers cut down the tree and put out the fire.

From Lincoln Volunteer Fire Rescue: Had a pretty wild one tonight. Holdover fire in a huge cottonwood from mid July lightning strike. It burned internally for the past 5-6 weeks until the top lit up tonight. It was in a bad spot in an RV park so had Jarel Kurtz and Bill Schroeder from the usfs come give us a hand getting it on the ground. They did a great job laying it down after we removed some fence. Then the fun began. Thanks to Shea Forkan and NWE for helping getting the tree moved so power could get back on and DNRC for helping us out. The guys did a great job with one of those crappy fires that take a lot of work.

Photos from Lincoln Volunteer Fire Rescue.

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