ABC FOX Montana was proud to play "host" recently for an up-and-coming independent feature film.

And we wanted to bring you some behind-the-scenes moments from the movie 'Cowboys.'

The full-length family drama was written and directed by Anna Kerrigan and shot in September and early October, mostly using the beautiful Flathead Valley as a backdrop.

Places included North Valley Hospital, Big Creek Outdoor Education Center, Sykes Diner and various remote locations throughout the Flathead National Forest.

Dozens of Montanans were cast as movie extras with help from the Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency.

And our own Angela Marshall was one of them, filling the role of "female anchor woman."

The notable actors? Steve Zahn of 'Sahara,' Ann Dowd of 'The Handmaids Tale' and Jillian Bell of '22 Jump Street.'

Kerrigan said that she was ecstatic to be working with such dedicated actors.

"And that was really important to me to have people who were so passionate, because I wrote this movie, it's in my mind. There's a certain way I envision it," Kerrigan said. "But in terms of the cast and certain people behind the scenes, it was really important to me to bring people on who have very unique visions for the roles to have a very fresh film."

The movie is now in the process of coming to life.

Kerrigan said that she hopes to show the movie at the Sundance Film Festival next year.

But be sure to stick with ABC FOX Montana as we'll continue to tell you when the movie 'Cowboys' will roam, so to speak, before a Montana audience.

Photos Courtesy: North Valley Hospital, Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency, Michael Donaldson

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