Update 1:50 pm: Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services posted to their Facebook that all roads are emergency travel only.

BLES posted at 1:48 pm:

Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services wants to advise the public that is it emergency travel on ALL ROAD! please stay off of them and let the plows do their work. Route 1 (Heart Butte Rd) is closed. If you do travel in this weather it will be at your own risk and here are the tow companies numbers..

Advanced Towing 450-3850

JARRS Towing 338-2780

BROWNING- Montana Department of Transpiration is reporting roads in and around Browning are snowy and icy with reduced visibility.

MT-49 between East Glacier Park and Kiowa is shown as closed, cameras on MDT’s website in Two Medicine show little visibility and are almost completely whited out.

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