FAIRFIELD- According to the Superintendent, Fairfield Public Schools will be closed on Monday, September 30. 


AUGUSTA- School in Augusta has been cancelled for Monday, September 30.


SHELBY- Shelby schools will be closed on Monday, September 30. 

MDT is showing scattered snow and ice throughout the area and the Shelby School District is choosing to close schools due to weather and driving conditions.


RUDYARD- North Star Schools are planning to open as planned Monday, September 30. 

Road conditions in the area are snowy and icy according to MDT and the schools say the main highways are clear with snow tapering off overnight.

North Star Schools say students who live in towns and on highways should plan on attending Monday. Students who live on country roads that are not passable will be allowed a school excused absence.

Road conditions will be checked out by the school early Monday morning and will update if necessary, an update will be posted to the school’s calendar here.

BROWNING - Highways in the Browning area are closed to public travel, and Browning Public Schools will be closed on Monday.

The school district posted that class is canceled on Monday, Sept. 30 so crews can get roads plowed.

Drivers should stay off roads in the area.

Blackfeet Law Enforcement posted this on Facebook:

Blackfeet law enforcement services would remind the public that it is still emergency travel only. Plows are working on the Main highways at this time and vehicles are making it extremely difficult to get them cleared due to being stuck. We ask that you remain at home where you are safe. If vehicles are left unattended and causing a road hazard they will be towed.

Highway 49 from Kiowa to East Glacier is closed.

Near white-out conditions are reported from East Glacier to Browning as well as along parts of Highway 89 from Browning towards Heart Butte. 

MDT says travel is not advised in this area. 


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