curt brockway mineral county court appearance

SUPERIOR, Mont. - A man appeared in court Wednesday on an assault charge that's made national headlines.

Curt James Brockway is accused of felony assault on a minor.

Court documents say that on Aug. 3, he assaulted a 13-year-old boy who wouldn't remove his hat for the national anthem before the rodeo at the Mineral County Fair.

Brockway lifted the boy by the throat and slammed him into the ground, court documents say. The boy suffered a concussion and a fractured skull. 

In court on Aug. 14, Brockway pleaded not guilty to the charge. He made no other statements.

Brockway's lawyer Lance Jasper is asking for a neurological and psychological evaluation for his client, saying that Brockway has deficits from a traumatic brain injury that impair his judgment. He also has a prior conviction for assault.

Brockway's attorney also says his client believed he was acting on orders from President Donald Trump. 

Judge John Larson ordered that while Brockway awaits trial, he should stay away from public events, and the state will monitor his usage of social media.

The injured boy's parents watched the court proceedings quietly from the back of the courtroom.

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