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Corgi scam costs Bozeman-area woman nearly $1000

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Puppy-seeking families are falling victim to internet scams that are promising a dog but only taking their money.

A Bozeman-area woman, who spoke with us under condition of anonymity, lost nearly $1000 to a corgi puppy scam.

"I was just completely embarrassed when I told the kids there was no puppy and this was a scam, we had to kind of take it with a good sense of humor because what was done was done, she said.

The woman found the website,, through a Google search and said it had pictures of dogs, testimonials from dog owners, even a subscription to a newsletter, all making it look very credible.

The breeder is allegedly based in Ohio.

"I went back to the website and I looked at it again, I was like could I have been smarter? and it's so hard because they have so much on their website that looks so legitimate."

Corgis are one of the most popular dog breeds according to the American Kennel Club, but the wait to get one can be months and even years and they come with a hefty price tag.

"They sent me a contract, a bill of sale and it looked pretty legit, you know, 'I'm the buyer, they're the seller and they made me sign it and everything."

After sending a MoneyGram of $900 to the alleged breeder, the red flags popped up when it was time to ship the dog to Montana.

"They were explaining to that I needed to purchase a pet travel insurance for the dog at $1250 and having been in insurance for a while, I just thought this is just really bizarre."

By googling the number of the pet insurance company, the word scam covered the screen and the number and address traced back to Cameroon, a west African country not much bigger than the state of Montana.

The Better Business Bureau says puppy scams are on the rise not just for corgis, but other popular breeds like Saint Bernards, Schnauzers and bulldogs.

"I feel like everybody knows better and I should have known better, especially with MoneyGram part but it wasn't until digging into other people's stories that I could see patterns.

And scam websites can look very convincing.

"I don't have a dog and I don't have $900 refunded back to me that's the part that says this is still a scam, but when you look that site, it totally sucks you in. I still look at that sight and you could do it all over again and that's the part where I really want to shut the site down, more than anything else that's worth $900 to me."

The BBB and PetScams has flagged the website '' as fraudulent online activity.

We did call lists on their website, but they did not respond to a request for interview.

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