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Montana Treasure: Serving up 130+ burgers at Parker's in Drummond

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Just off of Interstate-90 in the small ranching community of Drummond, Montana sits a small, family-owned and operated restaurant that is serving up an eye-popping array of burgers.

139 burgers to be exact.

ABC FOX Montana's Angela Marshall takes you to Parker's Restaurant and this week's Montana Treasure.

"Battabing, Battaboom, Bayou Blast…" Jennifer Parker begins listing the names of the burgers on the menu.

Parker is the owner and head waitress of Parker's Restaurant in Drummond.

"I'm the owner of all the monkeys in the back," Jennifer laughs.

She and her husband, Brent, bought the restaurant in 2011, after owning the Frosty Freeze next door.
They aptly named the family establishment Parker's.

"We started off with about 50 burgers is what we had," Jennifer says. "And they've added since then."

Adding? An understatement.
They've almost tripled the number of burgers now on the menu.

Jennifer adds, "Both my husband and youngest son, both Brents, totally creative with their food, wanting to put different flavor combinations together."

"What I think about burgers is that it's a great palate to explore other types of foods," says her husband, Brent, who is also the owner and head chef at Parker's

And that's exactly what they're doing when serving up big burgers, tall burgers, all burgers made of pure Montana beef.

"Rodeo Burger, The Ortega Burger, Outlaw Burger…" Jennifer continues.

And… Brent chimes in, "Pizza Burger, Popcorn Shrimp, The Elvis Burger…"

And scattered throughout the entire restaurant are pictures of the Parker family, momentos from Brent's time in teaching high school students the culinary trade and flare, a lot of flare.

"I'm a bit of a pack rat," Jennifer says. 

"And the strange truth is, I'm a Pepsi drinker," she laughs.

"You can't stop into Parker's Restaurant without getting some sort of history lesson, whether that's the Parker's family history, Montana history or American history," says ABC FOX Montana's Angela Marshall. "We have Brent's Classic Cheddar right here. We have the Cob Burger here. And we have the Elvis Burger right here. In true classic fashion, it has peanut butter, banana and bacon. I'm going to go ahead and bite into it. It's pretty good."

And the locals seem to think so, too.

"This place is amazing! I love it!"

"I ordered the Fonz. It's two 1/2 pound burger patties, topped with bacon, onion rings and BBQ sauce."

"I've never found any burgers that taste any better than at Parker's."

And whether it's a laugh on weekday or a weekend, Parker's is more than just a place to eat.
It's a place to meet and greet.

"That's what makes Montana. That's what makes this restaurant. The people," Jennifer says.

Brent follows, "The restaurant can be more than just a place for nourishment, it can be a place to nourish the soul as well."

Parker's Restaurant, serving up just as many burgers, 139, as there are households, 140, in Drummond.
This week's Montana Treasure.
The last burger on the menu? The Yucka Tucka Green burger.
Brent Parker says that they may stop when they've reached 150 burgers.
But who knows? Anything goes at Parker's.

If you know someone, or something, you think is a Montana Treasure, let us know. Send us a Facebook message, email us at:, or give us a call at: (406) 721-NEWS.

Then, you can look for their story every Monday on ABC FOX Montana.

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