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Kalispell man is attacked by a Grizzly and lives to tell his story

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Kalispell resident Rory Buckallew thought it was just another Sunday.  Bear hunting in the Spotted Bear Wilderness, Buckallew had no idea what was going to happen later that day.

Buckallew tells us he was hiking through a dense area when he sensed something was wrong.  With no warning at all, a Grizzly bear came charging out of the brush and attacked him.  Firing one warning shot from his weapon, Buckallew missed the bear.  

Buckallew says, “There was really super thick brush and we could tell something was there, we just didn't know what and by the time we could even make on a plan on what to do or go any which way she was already charging through the brush at us.”

With his pistol out of reach Buckallew tells us instinctively he threw his right arm up to protect his face and shouted for his father.  Buckallew was knocked to the ground and within seconds felt the teeth of the bear sink into his skin.  The bear grabbing hold of my right elbow.  His father fired one shot which missed the bear, followed by two more which hit the grizzly.

Buckallew tells us he can’t remember much, but the whole attack lasted about 15 seconds.  Once the bear had run away, Buckallew realized he was injured.  

Buckallew explains, “My arm, my elbow hurt pretty bad, my dad asked did she get you? And I said yeah she bit me in the elbow and it hurts pretty bad.”

With no cell service deep in the Spotted Bear Wilderness Buckallew and his father had to hike back down a steep trail for 30 minutes to get back to their car.  The entire hike back Buckallew clutched his pistol, afraid the bear was coming back for round 2.

Buckallew tells us, “Pistol in my hand and my dad also ready for you know if we had another attack.”

Once Buckallew and his father made it back to their car it was another two hours to the hospital.  Buckallew tells us when he arrived at Kalispell Regional Medical Center the hospital staff was fascinated and terrified by his story.

Buckallew’s surgery was a success and luckily the bear only damaged skin.  No bones or tendons.  Moving forward Buckallew tells us doctors are the most concerned the deep wounds will become infected.

Buckallew tells us he wants to thank his father because without him that day, he may not be alive. 

However, this attack isn’t slowing Buckallew down.  Once he is healed he tells us he is ready to go back out and starting hunting again. 

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