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Do you have bad posture? Tips to keep your body structure healthy

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The sickness of sitting, according to health reporting website Peak Fitness sitting for more than 12 hours a day can lead to many chronic diseases.

Andrea Barham does a lot of sitting while working as the Office Manager at Pro Chiropractic in Bozeman.

"If we don’t have patients here for a certain period of time we are up doing some kind of cleaning, walking around to each room and making sure they are in order," said Barham.

She says she knows it's important to stay active to avoid back pain. It's a problem that affects 65 million Americans, according to posture-month. And, It all begins with bad posture.

Dr. Jennifer Noordmans, a chiropractor, says 50-60 percent of the patients she sees have problems due to bad posture. 

"Our structure, because structure equals function. If we lose our structure, we lose our function and that starts to come out in diseases like asthma, allergies.” 

But, You may have bad posture and not even know it. Dr. Noordmans breaks down exactly what is bad posture.

"When you're in the wrong bio mechanical structure for a long period of time," said Dr. Noordmans.

Peak fitness says, sitting is the new smoking and it actually increases your rate of lung cancer by more than 50-percent.

"If your lungs are closed down, try and take a deep breath with your head forward, it's really difficult, bring your head back, it's really, really easy. So you posture not only effects your structure, but it affects your organs," Dr. Noordmans added.

And, Doctor Noordmans says technology doesn't help.

"Text neck, kids, with your head down your body is going to stay in that position and if we don't learn to correct it and bring your body up and open and moving your neck back."

But she adds, just a few minutes of exercise and stretching each day can help a lot.

"Every hour, maybe just doing a couple minutes of exercises can definitely helps so you don't get into that degeneration and that head forward posture and that curved thoracic spine."

And, Andrea offers up her own simple adjustment.

"Sometimes I have to re-position, role my shoulders back, just take a minute to look up from the computer," said Barham.  

Most of all just make sure to keep track of how much you're sitting each day and make an effort to reduce it each week.

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