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Residents furious over brown tap water in Manhattan

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Manhattan residents are angry, as their tap water continues to run yellow. It's been happening for nearly a week now, but city officials announce today that the water is safe and the color only temporary.

However, the residents of Manhattan Montana are mad and they are taking their anger to Facebook. On the Manhattan Facebook page is picture after picture of yellow tap water and people say it's scary to see.

"It's looks rusty and it looks yellowish. Like this morning when we had gotten to work we ran it for about ten minutes straight just to flush it," said Deana Devers, who works in Manhattan.    

The mayor of Manhattan refused to comment on camera... But says the water is safe. He says the yellow color is from mineral deposits that have built up in several of the pipes around town. When city workers repaired an old water pump, water was pushed through the pipes with greater force, breaking off minerals that had built up over the years.        

Deana Devers works in Manhattan and says people are upset with how the city handled the situation. 

"Working at the cafe a lot of people have said and talked about it throughout the day, that they wouldn't be so upset if they would have mentioned that something was going on, but it scares a lot of people when your water is discolored."    

Puddles throughout the city are the result of the city's solution. To help flush out the minerals, city officials are opening up several fire hydrants around town. While the discolored water is said to be only temporary, Manhattan residents say this should never of happened. 

"The price for Manhattan water is astronomical. I mean it's super expensive. So people think that they should get good water if they're paying all that money for water," said Devers.

The water has been running yellow for almost a week, but the mayor of Manhattan tells us he expects to see significant improvements as early as tomorrow.

Residents are speaking out saying even though the water may be safe on a chemical level… it still looks far from safe and they would never allow their families to drink it.

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