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I'm Addicted to Fantasy Baseball

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 I'm Addicted to Fantasy Baseball
-Shaun Rainey

    It was three years ago when I joined the Anabolic Fantasy Baseball League. The league had been in existence for a handful of years before I was invited to join after a friend of mine wanted out. I had played fantasy football before but never baseball and I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting myself into.  After two and a half seasons of playing it is safe to say I am addicted. Fantasy baseball is like fantasy football on steroids (pun intended) and is more fun than I could have ever imagined.

            First let me explain to you a little bit about our league. It's a 12 team league with members mostly from Montana and although not all of us even know each other well it is the setup of the league that makes it so great. It's a keeper league where we have up to four keepers that you sign to a contract which can be anywhere from 1-4 years. You can backload or frontload the contract however you prefer but must pay a minimum percentage of the contract in a given year. The scoring settings are pretty detailed with stats that even include negative points for something like grounding into a double play. We also have awards given out at the end of our season by our excellent commissioner Kyle Houghtaling which include things such as: “Barry Lamar Bonds League Manager of the Year Award- (which I won my first year in the league #humblebrag), the Pat Connors Revolutionary Award- given out to the manager who is the biggest pain in the butt to the commissioner and is awarded with a cheap bottle of whiskey at the end of the year. Of course we have the league winner who gets the Whey Manley Trophy with their name engraved in it and we have the toilet seat given to last place finisher and their punishment is paying 1.5 times the league fee for the next year.  Our draft is a day we all look forward to every year as we meet in the morning to play some home run derby then have a pot luck gathering followed by an auction draft that lasts at least five hours.

            So that's a little about our league. Not all baseball leagues are as intense but I strongly recommend everyone who enjoys fantasy sports to give baseball a try. If you are the person who struggles to set your football lineup every week then baseball is not for you. It's an EVERY day commitment which is what I love so much. There are games every single day and it gives you something to look forward to during the dog days of summer. You have to actually MANAGE your squad by setting your lineup based on match ups or hot streaks unlike in football where you pretty much line up the same team every week.

It's the ultimate test of patience and loyalty as baseball players go through so many ups and downs during a season. Perhaps the reason I really love fantasy baseball so much is I always wanted to be a GM for a professional team. I always thought I had a good eye for talent and in fantasy I get to choose my team, it's my squad and I treat them with respect and hope they perform for me on the field. Because of fantasy I watch more baseball than I ever would normally including teams and players I would  never pay attention to otherwise. It makes you yell at the TV when your pitcher gets pulled after 5 and 2/3rds innings because he didn't go six (thus qualifying for a quality start and more fantasy points) and it makes you cheer extra hard when your player on your favorite team goes yard. Fantasy baseball certainly isn't for everyone but it is for me and I am addicted.

Here's to hoping Make It Rainey can win it all this year!

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