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Pet Tip: Leash Alternatives for a Rambunctious Rover

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     Ever wonder who's walking who, when you take your dog out on a leash?

    Jean Biggins with the Humane Society of Western Montana and Penny, her canine companion, show us different ways to get back in-control of your peppy puppy, in this week's Pet Tip.

    Hi I'm Jean here at the humane society of western Montana and this is Penny.  Penny is a six or seven year old pit bull mix looking for a loving home.  And she's going to help me demonstrate some of the walking tools available out there.  So, right now, Penny is wearing a gentle leader head halter.  Head halters are a great option if your dog pulls a lot.  With a regular collar, Penny can pull very, very strongly.  The head halter is also a great option if you have a dog who is excitable or reactive.There are actually calming pressure points behind the ears, so certain dogs... Just putting the head halter on, helps them to calm down.  So, I have one strap over the nose, feed her some cheese as I do that.  The other strap goes back behind her ears.  And then the leash attaches right behind the head harness.  She just can't pull me with her face the same way she can pull me with her neck or her body.  We can control a horse by their face... We can certainly control a dog by the face.  A really good option for a large dog, a reactive dog, or a very excitable dog.  Another choice that you've probably seen is the body harness.  And this harness is designed for us to attach the leash on the back, which you've probably seen a lot of folks do.  However I will often with a larger dog attach it to the circle right here up front, because if my dog goes to pull away from me, the leash being attached up front will turn them back towards me, they can check back in, I can call them back to me and it will help with the training process.  Another option you might have seen is a harness designed to clip on the front, like the easy walk harness.  So, with our easy walk harness our only attachment point is on the front.  And just like I mentioned when I clipped on the front with the other harness, it will cause my dog to turn back towards me if they pull away, which will make it easier to teach her to walk nicely on leash.  Now, no walking tool is going to completely stop pulling.  A dog can still pull with a head halter on... They can still pull with a harness on.  But certain tools, particularly the head halter, will reduce how much your dog can pull.  The only way to completely stop pulling is through training.  For more information about different training options we offer here at the humane society, please go to our website:

    You can also call the Humane society of Western Montana at the number on your screen, (406) 549-9295

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