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Billings Serial Rapist Gets 22 Consecutive Life Terms

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Billings serial rapist Toby Griego will never be free again. On Friday, he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the Montana State Prison.

KULR-8's Katie Chen was in the courtroom when Griego's sentence was handed down.

Emotions were high in the courtroom as victims and Griego's family members testified. Ultimately, Judge Russell Fagg gave him 22 consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole plus an additional 60 years.

"There are some people that do need to be locked up for the rest of their lives and you are one of those people," Judge Fagg said during sentencing.

Judge Russell Fagg said Toby Griego, the Billings serial rapist convicted for the rapes and attempted rape of four billings women, is the most dangerous, and biggest predator on our community he has seen in his years as a judge.

Prosecutors called Detective Ken Paharik, one of the lead detectives on the Griego investigation, and Dr. Robert Page, who performed Griego's psycho-sexual evaluation. "He would be a high risk offender and have high potential for re-offense," Dr. Page said.

Dr. Page's evaluation found Griego has anti-social personality disorder and is a sociopath.He also determined Griego is a level three sexually violent predator at the highest risk to re-offend, saying he was escalating in sadistic behavior and his actions could eventually result in homicide.

For one of Griego's New Mexico victims who testified, it's been 17 years since her attack, and after hearing of the attacks in Yellowstone County, it was like reliving the assault.

"Pretty devastated. Like I didn't do enough in Santa Fe to keep him behind bars so that this couldn't happen again. I'm so grateful that Montana will finally give me justice," said Kelley Hollingsworth during her testimony.

One of the Billings victims gave a statement, speaking directly to him saying, "You have not ruined my life. I've won the battle, and you've lost."

David Duke, Griego's public defender, argued for just one life without parole sentence saying consecutive sentences would be excessive.

When his family gave statements, Griego began to tear up, hearing from his niece and sister.

"There's still a lot of things that i don't understand but through it all, there have been things that i'm certain of and that is my love and support for you," said Eileen Perea, Griego's sister.

Prosecutors hope the sentencing will give victims closure.

"My hope for those four victims here from billings that they never let their life be defined by Toby Griego and they are able to move on with their life, put this in the background, and become great successful people," said Chief Deputy County Attorney Rod Souza.

"Relieved that I can finally get closure," Hollingsworth said. "That I never have to think that maybe this will happen again. In fact, I just, after today, I don't even want to think of his name or think of him ever again because I don't ever have to worry about him again."

Kelley has advice for other victims of sexual assault. "That life goes on. use this as a positive. I use it as ammunition, and I use that as encouragement to say I've been to the darkest place and nothing else can get that dark in my life."

In addition to the sentence, Judge Fagg, at least initially, will recommend maximum security for Griego at the Montana State Prison.


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