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A Look at the Montana Raceway Park

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 If you've ever driven past the Montana Raceway Park in Kallispell and wondered what all happens there, you're not alone. So to help fill us all in, ABC/FOX Montana sports intern Cole Havens was all for speed, as he visited the raceway to tell us what it's all about.

"This is where all your local motors and mechanics and drivers all get together and compete and put their knowledge to the test." says Montana Raceway Park Driver Scott Lee.

Every Saturday night at Kallispell Montana's Raceway Park, noises of race cars can be heard from a mile away. This Saturday The Annual Coors Light 200  comes to the Raceway and fans will gather to witness Kallispell native Alex Lessor, setting his sights on the checkered flag.

"Since the 200 last year we've been preparing for it slowly. Making adjustments to the car. Making the car better. Buying things you need to keep up with these guys from out of town who are doing this every weekend where we are only running 6 or 7 times a year. And they may be running 20 or 30 times a year." says the standout Lessor.

The Raceway is home to many events but none is bigger than the annual Coors Light 200.

"One of the biggest things to hit the flathead valley all season. It brings in people from all over the U.S. and Canada and their families come over here. it just impacts the valley." says Montana Raceway Park Race Director Ryan Dennison.

The City of Kallispell has been waiting for a local racer to win this event for several years,  After taking second last year Alex Lessor is poised to be the one to do so…

"It's been uh 15 years since a Kallispell guy's won it. And it'd be pretty cool to bring it back. It's been a lot of canadians and out of states that have won it the last few years. That'd be pretty cool." says Lessor.

Our Cole Havens was given the opportunity to sit down in one of the race cars and see what goes on inside them,  They are nothing like the commercial car you drive to work each day.

On camera: "This is it basically? That's it ya. Fire control, radio in that box there when we put it in. This belt over you, this belt over you, a helmet on, he doesn't turn around. It's not like driving a car." the drivers explain to Havens

For these racers its about the fun of the race and putting on a good show.

"It's a lot different than the NASCAR racing that goes on. The NASCAR guys that's their career, that's what they do. These guys do this as a hobby for fun, cause they love it. They love racing." explains Dennison.

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