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Daines Pushes to Relieve Regulation on Legal Ivory

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BOZEMAN - The regulation on the trade of legal ivory is something many may not be familiar with, but reducing such regulation is something Congressman Steve Daines has made a priority.

It is something that the average person may not think about when it comes to dealing with family heirlooms like antiques, but the regulation on legal ivory catches many in the business by surprise as well.

"Initial shock. We're talking about antiques, collectibles, we're not talking about anything illegal poached brought in today," said antique firearms dealer, Bill Goodman.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services announced back in February that they will begin to prohibit interstate commerce of African elephant ivory, something that has antique dealers and collectors up in arms.

Goodman said, "To suddenly feel they are in a criminal category if they go to dispose these items or sell them, which they initially bought as investments, is eventually going to be a serious problem."

Congressman Steve Daines has since made an effort to reduce the regulation on ivory trade with a new bill that would reverse FWP's order that is often times found to be confusing.

"It is commendable. I think it is exactly what we need, things need to be clarified, a lot of these laws come across saying they are common sense laws, I think that is even written into this one and there is really nothing really common sense about it," said Goodman.

The idea behind the FWP's order is to prevent the illegal poaching of elephants, but Goodman thinks it is doing just the opposite.

Goodman said, "Really we just need to stop the poaching and forget about the antique ivory and collectibles items that are already in this country."

Daines claims that restricting interstate commerce of ivory wouldn't benefit the fight against illegal poaching of elephants.

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