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ABC Caught on Camera: Jeremy Morton

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 Handball is slowly seeing a resurgence in the state of Montana.

In fact, the current handball state champ resides in Bozeman.

We catch up with handball player Jeremy Morton in this week's Caught on Camera.

"Typically a normal game goes to 21,” said Morton. “It's half a tennis court in a sense, where the front wall is the net, the ball will hit the front wall, and you have to return the ball to the front wall before it bounces a second time on the floor."

"Nice shot Alex."

"There's different ways of hitting the handball,” Morton said. “Typically, you're going to have little bit of a cup in your hand. It's almost like you're whipping the ball. It's not coming in straight in and straight out. It rolls off your hand."

"You also have they call a fist shot where you hit the ball with your knuckles, right here. Typically, the will be used to hit the ball to the ceiling."

"You get a point by hitting the ball in a manner where your opponent can't return it, or it unable to return it without the ball hitting the front wall after it's already hit the floor on time."

"It's a good way to keep in shape,” said Steve Birrell, with the Montana Handball Association. “I have a lot of friends that play handball. It's a social thing as well as a competitive game."

"Typically, you're going to move around the court, depending on what the rally requires,” Morton said. “If your opponent is going to hit the ball low into the front court, then you want to be in a position where you can return that ball."

"It took me several years to get proficient at it” said Alex Fox, longtime handball player. “You spend a lot of time with bone bruises, sore shoulder and elbows. Now, I'm at a point where I don't get any bruises, but it's still a brutal game from a physical perspective."

"The great thing about handball is it's great exercise, and a lot of fun to play."

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