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Bacterium Discovered by MSU Scientists Submitted for EPA Approval

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BOZEMAN - A disease-fighting bacterium with the potential to save farmers across the world millions of dollars is up for regulatory review in the US and Canada, one of the last hurdles in bringing it to the market.

The bacterium BmJ was discovered by MSU Professor of Plant and Science Pathology Dr. Barry Jacobsen who discovered BmJ by isolating it from healthy leaves in an otherwise disease-ridden sugar beet field in 1994.

After years of work, Jacobsen was able to prove BmJ is beneficial in fighting bacterial, viral and fungal diseases in a variety of crops.

A top manufacturer of biological pesticides, Certis USA, picked up the BmJ technology from Jacobsen to turn into a product farmers can use alongside other herbicides.

Certis USA directors submitted the product to the EPA and a regulatory health board in Canada for approval.

They also expect the Organic Materials Review Institute and EPA to approve BmJ for use on organic crops.

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