LaMotte Shares O.J. Simpson Memories

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BILLINGS - We're nearing the 20th anniversary of one of the most bizarre series of events in United States history.

NBC aired a two-hour Dateline special on the O.J. Simpson story on Wednesday, June 11th. KULR-8's own Greg LaMotte was CNN's main reporter for the infamous interstate chase, and trial.

Despite a mountain of DNA and circumstantial evidence, O.J. Simpson was found not guilty on two murder charges in 1995. LaMotte covered the story for over a year, and even before the trial began, an unforgettable chase along Southern California's Interstate 5 captured the country's attention.

"Police and detectives had determined you're our guy, 'You killed your ex-wife, and her friend Ron Goldman," he said. "His attorneys, including Robert Kardashian, who is the father of the Kardashian girls, convinced police that he would turn himself in at a specific time, at a specific place on June 17th. He didn't want to be seen with handcuffs behind his back, so the police agreed."

But Simpson didn't show up. He fled down the interstate, as about fifty police cars chased his white Ford Bronco. And while the country watched the chase unfold from a TV helicopter, LaMotte waited at Simpson's house for his arrival.

"Everything was happening so quickly that they didn't even really set up a perimeter," LaMotte said. "So we're down the street from O.J. Simpson's house and had vision of it.

"The chase sort of set the tone for the whole deal. If OJ Simpson had showed up when he was supposed to, turned himself in, and he was found guilty, we might be talking about it from a historical perspective 20, or 30, or 50 years later -- but the chase is what set this whole thing apart."

Following the chase, LaMotte reported on the trial more than a year.

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