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So Good: Hellgate's Doubles Team of Isak Nord and Ethan Howard

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While tennis is an individual sport, at Hellgate, some of their best players prefer to play doubles.

"I just like having someone out there, to help them hang on and pump them up if they are having a bad time, it's more intense I guess you could say, points are more intense, it's just cooler," says Hellgate sophomore Isak Nord.

Isak Nord and Ethan Howard are Hellgate's number one doubles team. After playing with other partners last year, their coach thought they would make a good pair because of their laid back attitudes.

"It's interesting, they both take the roll of patient and aggressive at different times. If you watch a match, sometimes you'll see Isak being the more aggressive player, with Ethan being the more patient one. I think it balances it out that they are doing it that way," says Hellgate head coach Hackethorn.

The decision to pair the two has proved a smart one, as they're undefeated on the year, and the two credit their complimentary style of play, and their complimentary statures.

"He's really good at the net, I can get lower balls better, just different angels I guess you could say.  Being short you can go faster along the ground," says Nord.

"I think he's a great baseline player, and I'm tall so it's easy to be at the net, so I put away the overheads and he slaps them down the line," says Hellgate senior Ethan Howard.
That laid back attitude comes into focus during their matches, with neither letting the mental side of the game get in the way.

"We don't really get too mad or too worked up, we just take it one point at a time.  We work well together, we have good chemistry.  It's not quite like we have another eye out there, but we just know where we're going," says Nord.

While they haven't lost, and are surely considered to be in the running for a state title, the pair doesn't necessarily take things too seriously.

"I just want to have fun and enjoy my last year.  I don't have any goals or anything really, I just want to play well," says Howard.
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