Cramer Sentenced to Life

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Cramer is sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for killing his three-year-old-son.

Sullivan says Cramer was found at Town Pump with blood on him. Cramer claimed the blood was from a fight at the rest stop. Cramer was arrested for not putting his clothes on.

Two guys gave Cramer a ride from the rest stop to the gas station for gas. Investigators located his ID at police station. His wife claimed to have not seen them since that morning. She told police their son was with Cramer.

Sullivan said Cramer didn't indicate where his son was. During a phone call with his father at the station, Cramer admitted to killing his son. He indicated Brody was in a field somewhere. They found his truck on Mill Creek Road.

Brody was found the next day. Sullivan said the boy suffered blunt force trauma to the head and sharp force injuries. He said Cramer used a large rock and a knife.

He says Cramer left with Brody when his wife told him he had to take care of them better. State has rested. No witnesses called for defense.



The day started with the defense filing a motion to restrict evidence from being entered to the court. They hoped the judge would just agree with the plea agreement. Judge Loren Tucker denied the motion. Tara Billteen, who conducted the pre-sentence investigation was called to the stand first.

She testified Cramer was very indirect during her interview. She said he did admit to killing his three-year-old son, Brody. She says a knife was used and described a very disturbing crime scene.

John Sullivan with the Department of Corrections is on the stand now.

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A Washington state man is being sentenced after pleading guilty to murdering his 3-year-old son in a remote Montana field.

The sentencing hearing of Jeremy Cramer of Lacey is Friday in Anaconda, about 5 miles from where the body of Broderick Cramer was found in July.

Jeremy Cramer pleaded guilty to deliberate homicide in December. He told District Judge Loren Tucker then a prison sentence didn't matter to him because his son was dead.

Prosecutors are recommending life in prison with no parole restrictions, though the judge is not bound by the recommendation.

Cramer was arrested after a convenience store employee found him washing blood from his clothes in the restroom.

Investigators found an empty container for a stimulant, and his brother told police Cramer was a former methamphetamine addict.

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