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ABC All Star: Jordan Canada

Everyspring the Griz football team elects their captains for the upcomingseason.  This year the team voted for Quarterback Jordan Johnson,Defensive Lineman Tonga Takai and Zack Wagenmann and Senior Running Back JordanCanada.

"Ithink first I was just excited that my teammates expect a lot from me, that'sreally all it means.  I think if you look at last year our captains whenwe needed to have a play they made plays. So I think being a captain means Ihave to step up and make plays on game day," said Senior Running BackJordan Canada.

Becominga captain his senior year wasn't really on Canada's radar when he first came toMontana.  He battles injuries and playing time his first two years beforebeing the feature back.

"It'sdefinitely a coming of age type story, I had to watch a lot and be patient andwork because when you have running backs ahead of you that are that good youcan't just sit back and wait you have to be ready for your turn," saidCanada.

Canadamatured as a player in 2013 rushing for over 1,000 yards, but it was hismaturing off the field and in the classroom that has him where he is now.

"Youhave to, when you get here you are basically allowed to roam free, your mom'snot here your dad's nowhere to be found and you have to choose to go to class.Your teachers and professors don't care if you go or not because the class goeson without you and you definitely have to grow up and realize you have to bethere because it stabilizes you to play football, it goes with it it's apackage deal," said Canada.

"Youknow I really never had the answers the first two years with Jordan and how toget him to turn around but Coach Green has done an excellent job both on andoff the field.  Jordan was never a problem in the weight room or on thefield he just struggled with school and going to class and he's seen the valuein that now and he's just made a complete turn around in the last year,"said Head Coach Mick Delaney.

Canadasays as a captain his teammates will look for him to make plays and be one oftheir leaders and their teammates are ready to follow him.

"Ithink its awesome that he's a captain, I love Jordan Canada, I love blockingfor him just like I do all our backs but Jordan is too nice of a guy and anamazing dude and we all love him," said Griz Junior Offensive Lineman JohnSchmaing.

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