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Griz Pro Day 2014

I'mShaun Rainey here at Washington-Grizzly Stadium for the 2014 Griz pro day abouta dozen or so scouts out here watching these guys.  It was a fun andexciting atmosphere but also a serious business like approach as these playershope to extend their football careers.

"It'squite the experience to say the least, it's something I've been dreaming forside I was eight years old and it's all coming to a head here and it's veryexciting," said William Poehls.

"WhenI started training down in Orlando on January 2nd I had this date in mind. I'mreally happy with my performance today I just put all my hard work to action soit was a great day today," said Brock Coyle.

Atpro day the athletes show off their physical abilities with a bench press,broad jump and forty yard dash as well as a handful of position drills thatshowcase their talents to the scouts.

"Youknow it's the interaction with the players basically, getting to know a playerface to face, and then football has been over for awhile so you want to seewhat condition their in that's why we do those workouts," said TennesseeTitans Scout Marv Sunderland.

Therewere probably ten more scouts at the Griz pro day this year compared to last,mostly looking at linebacker Jordan Tripp, followed by Brock Coyle and DannyKistler. The high turnout of NFL personnel allow off the radar players to getnoticed.

"Wellthere's a lot of scouts here Jordy is here there's a lot of people looking athim and Coyle. There's a lot of talented people here so figured it would be agood chance to get noticed and get another pro day in," said Kirk.

"Wellthat happens guys that weren't recommended by a staff or overlooked I mean ithappens and that's the other reason we do that is because we allow the seniorsto work out and sometimes those guys showcase themselves pretty well,"said Sunderland.

Soit will be along couple months for these guys working out for teams and talkingto organizations hoping they get their named called during the NFL Draft.

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