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SPOKANE, Wash. - It's easy to identify with a person who is struggling, or having a tough time in life, if you've been through it yourself.  

KHQ's Stephanie Vigil talked to a woman who once needed help from the state when she found herself alone as a single mother of three young children.  

Now she is making it her mission to ease the burden of those that find themselves in a similar situation.  

"I was a mom on state assistance and I had 3 little kids and I know how hard it is to survive on what you get from the state," Baskets For Babies Founder Tamara McClellan told Stephanie Vigil.
"We help anyone that's struggling. Either through loss of a job, maybe they're on state assistance, maybe they've been through domestic violence situation and they're in a shelter. Pretty much anyone that needs our help," McClellan said.

But Baskets For Babies provides many services like expectant parent programs, parenting classes & grief groups.

"When we first started it was a basinet full of baby stuff and we'd deliver it to a family, now we cover all ages our kids clothing bank goes 0-teen, we've got the maternity bank on site, the layette program on site. We loan out all kinds of equipment," McClellan said.

Keeping the program going has been a struggle throughout its 4 years of existence, but Tamara is at peace with it.

"I'm where I'm supposed to be. I don't get paid to be here. Someday it would be great if we got an operation grants. We had money to pay our phone bills and our gas to get here. We just do it because we can. We've been there. We understand what its is like to wake up and go I don't have enough money to get diapers and milk," McClellan said.

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