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Facebook & Instagram Crack Down On Gun Posts & Sales

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After a month-long campaign by anti-gun advocates, Facebook is enforcing a series of new policies for posts or pages promoting firearms, alcohol, and other adult products. The policies announced on Wednesday also apply to the Facebook-owned Instagram.

Changes include new age limits for posts or pages promoting private sales of restricted items, like firearms. Educational messages will also be sent to users who promote gun sales.

Groups like Moms Demand Action said sites like Facebook made it too easy for guns to get into the wrong hands. Gun advocates said some of the new policies don't fit Montana's culture.

"I don't think their new policy is appropriate for Montana, because we have lots of kids who use firearms legitimately in Montana. You can take hunters education at 11-years-old," said Gary Marbut, the President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association.

"I think these policies are a great step in the right direction. At Moms we're glad that different corporations, like Facebook and Instagram, are doing the right thing, and making it harder to access guns," said Julia Starrett with the Montana chapter of Moms Demand Action.

The Facebook announcement follows a month-long campaign by Moms Demand Action, urging the sites to address the growing number of illegal gun sales.

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