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Delivery Drivers Bust Through Berms to Reach Clients

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People all around Missoula struggle to get across town after record levels of snow fell.

"I haven't seen snow this thick in well… forever and it's a lot to deal with," said USPS Mail Carrier, Kelly Carson.

Carson has delivered mail by foot in some of Montana's snowiest cities for 16 years.

And sticking to the Postal Service's motto, Carson says postal workers never take a snow day, no matter how high the berms might be.

"It's a day-to-day struggle," Carson said. "It's become kind of a game of where do I park today?"

Everyday the U.S. Postal Service processes and delivers 523 million pieces of mail from the North Slope of Alaska to Death Valley, California.

It's carriers resilience in harsh conditions that keep the service going.

"It's as the slogan goes right? Rain, sleet, snow, shine we'll be out there day to day. "

But mail carriers aren't the only ones busting through the snow to provide a service to your front door.

Meals On Wheels volunteer drivers are sticking to the dozens of routes in town to reach the 275 seniors, in-home patients and others in Missoula who rely on the service for food.

"Snow keeps people in and this is probably the time when they really need the meal," Volunteer Driver, Bob Schurr, said.

Schurr has delivered meals to residents twice a week on Route 14 for fourteen years.

"These people need their meal, and I enjoy meeting them and I enjoy doing this and it's important because it keeps them in their home."

But Schurr says even though winter is the most difficult time of year, it doesn't deter him.

"Rain, you can put on a raincoat but snow time, this time of year is the most difficult and for the people who have to drive up the south hills you need special vehicles to do that-- but they do it."

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