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ABC ALL-STAR: Sentinel's Austin Violette

Austin Violette excels on the hardwood. Sure he's a good shooter, and he's one of the toughest guys on the team, but it's something else that his coach says stands out.

"His intelligence, he's a very intelligent player that understands the game really well, and he's always striving to improve and understand things," says Sentinel head coach Jay Jagelski.

That intelligence isn't exclusive to the basketball court either, just check out his class schedule.

"I start out the morning with AP Calc 2, then I go from that to the accelerated English class we have in writing 101, so I'm getting dual credit through the University for that.  Third period I go to AP Government, fourth I have AP Stats, fifth I go to AP Physics, which is probably my most difficult class right now, and then sixth period I have marketing 4, which isn't an AP class, but it challenges you a lot intellectually, because it's a more right-brain type of class," explains Violette, a senior guard.

If you're counting that's four Advance placement classes, one accelerated class, and an upper-level marketing class, courses Austin takes, all while maintaining a 4.0. That work load is not for everyone.

"It is difficult to maintain a 4.0, especially if you're doing four or five AP classes, that's a big load.  We don't really recommend students take that many AP's, we'd like to see them take at most three," says AP Calculus teacher Gary Little.

Even though homework that can take multiple hours a night, he still spends countless hours watching game film and practicing hoops, all in the name of competition.

"I just want to win, and I love to compete, so that's why I'm out here.  I love basketball, I love football, and love being in the classroom, because all three of those are environments where I get to compete," says Violette.

His competitive nature isn't lost on the rest of the team.

"He's what we strive for all our kids to have, in terms of being tough and willing to go out there and sacrifice, and do whatever you have to do to get your team to be successful," says Jagelski.

Success appears inevitable for Austin, as he looks to play Division 3 basketball, while getting a quality education.

"Challenging myself with AP courses, and requiring a lot of myself as far as studying goes, and preparing for tests, it will just prepare me even more for college, which is where I'll hopefully set up my career," says Violette.

While Austin doesn't know exactly what he wants to do for a career, his teachers say, it really doesn't matter what he decides.

"He's got that internal drive, that he wants to be successful, and he wants to succeed, and that's something you can't teach.  They either have it or they don't.  He's got it, so I think no matter what he chooses to do, he'll do well, because he's got that drive," says Little.

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