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ABC All Star: Montana Basketball

This week players from the Lady Griz and Griz basketball teams went to the YMCA to play basketball and have fun with the six graders in the Active 6 Program.

"Pretty awesome it's a pretty awesome opportunity to have the Griz here, I have never met the Griz and I really want to get their autograph" said Sixth Grader Dawsyn.

"Oh it's a big part of the program when we have people like the Griz come in to play with the kids.  A lot of the kids go to Griz games because they get free tickets with the program so when they come here and get to meet the players it's really neat for them and they get pumped up about it," said Active 6 Interim Coordinator Carly Holman.

The day started off with some introductions, followed by a game of tag, and then basketball games. For an entire hour it was nothing but smiles on the sixth graders faces.

"We are doing basketball stuff with them like scrimmage, pig and other things like that.  They've been nice and helping us and even when we do bad they say good job" said Sixth Grade Hunter.

Not only were the six graders having a blast but so were the Montana basketball players.

"I love making them smile, making them laugh and getting to know them and giving them a high five when we are playing lightning I think it's just so much fun," said Lady Griz Forward Maggie Rickman.

"Oh it's big time, especially for me because I grew up at the YMCA back home in Los Angeles, so I know what it mess for us to come out and play with them for an hour.  And I know sometimes at the Y you have to do the same thing over and over so if we can come and change their day you can tell the smiles we give them and if we can give them fun for an hour it's a piece of cake it's nothing," said Griz Guard Kareem Jamar.

"What's funny is I think of myself when I play, the corkiest of being young and having fun and being carefree and I would love it if I was their age and what they don't realize is that we have as much fun as they do," said Rickman.

I'm Shaun Rainey and that's why the Montana basketball program is this weeks ABC All Stars.

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