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Report: Shows Cancer Death Rate Down 20% In Two Decades

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A new report shows Americans are making strides in the fight against cancer, with death rates declining across the nation. Still, annual statistics from the American Cancer Society show this year, about 2,000 people are expected die of cancer in Montana alone.

Members of the American Cancer Society say while cancer death rates in Montana are going down, a lot of progress still needs to be made.

One in four deaths in America are caused by cancer, and the American Cancer Society said its efforts to bring that number down are making progress.

"There's been great strides in cancer research and treatment options," said Shane Ferraro of the American Caner Society.

Numbers from the American Cancer Society show a steady decline in cancer deaths, with the number dropping 20% in the last two decades.

"People are finding it sooner, and we're catching the disease earlier, which prepares doctors and medical professionals to better treat the disease," Ferraro said.

Still, researchers say we have a long way to go before bringing cancer to an end. The report predicts there will be 1.6 million new cancer cases this year, with 5,000 of those cases in Montana, resulting in 2,000 deaths in the state alone.

"Obviously we're going to see lower cancer cases and the death rate in Montana, simply because the population is smaller than other parts of country," Ferraro said.

The most common cases we're seeing among Montana men is prostate, colon and lung cancers, while in woman, almost 30% of this year's cases will be breast cancer.

"The American Cancer Society is working to hopefully eventually cure cancer, so no one has to lose another family member or friend to a cancer death," Ferraro said.

Members of the American Cancer Society say the report's goal is to show people where they stand in the fight against cancer, and to find areas they can make improvements.

"We're still losing too many people to the disease, so the more information people have, the better educated they are, and the better decisions they can make to hopefully eliminate cancer," Ferraro said.

The American Cancer Society is a global group made up of more than three million volunteers working to find a cure for cancer.

To see the complete report, head to the American Cancer Society website.

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