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Day Three of the Graham Trial Raises New Questions

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New evidence presented in day three of the Jordan Graham murder trial raised even more questions about what really happened the night her husband, 25-year-old Cody Johnson, fell off a cliff to his death.

Why was his wedding ring missing from his hand? Where did Graham get a large sum of money to deposit the day she discovered her husband's body? Finally, what was the "big surprise" Graham had planned for Cody on the day of his death?

Prosecutors used the testimony of seventeen witnesses and several pieces of new evidence to try to make their case the 22-year old newlywed planned the murder of her husband.

A string of law enforcement officers took the stand to describe the scene of the crime and their recovery of Johnson's body and evidence.

Flathead County Coroner Richard Sine says he found a piece of black cloth closer to Johnson's body than his shoe. Prosecutors are trying to prove it was a blindfold.

Sine and friends of Graham testified, and a picture was shown, proving Johnson was not wearing his wedding ring at the time of his death. Graham insisted in several statements to law enforcement he was.

A long-time friend of the couple and US Bank Manager Lytaunie Blasdel testified Graham and her mother made a three-thousand dollar cash deposit to the bank the day Johnson's body was discovered.

Prosecutors showed the receipt of a check written by Graham to pay off a three-thousand dollar loan from another bank on the same day.

The loan, as a bank official testified, was for the cost of Graham's wedding.

As to the question of finances, Cody's mother Sherry Johnson testified she took out a sizeable life insurance policy for her only son when he was four months old, hoping one day it could help him when he had a family of his own.

She did not believe Graham had any legal connection to that policy. 

For the first time the jury heard Graham admit to pushing her husband off the cliff. Attorneys played two audio recordings of Graham describing the incident to FBI Agent Stacey Smiedala. Defense attorneys drilled Smiedala on how and why he failed to record Graham's very first confession. Agent Smiedala said it was FBI policy.

Smiedala says Graham finally confessed to pushing Cody off the cliff after he confronted her with a security camera picture of her entering the park with Johnson on the night of his death.

During the recording Graham once again insisted her husband was wearing his wedding ring in his final moments saying "I wouldn't let him take it off."

Also coming out in court today, a series of three witnesses including Graham's step-father Steve Rutledge, testified Johnson told them at church the morning of his death Jordan was planning a "big surprise" for him later in the day.

By the evening church service Johnson told three friends the surprise still hadn't happened.

US District Attorneys have now called 29 witnesses and are expected to call Graham's mother to the stand tomorrow when court resumes.

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