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Big Sky Football All Conference List Full of Griz and Cats

A good chunk of players from both the Bobcats and the Grizzlies were selected on the Big Sky all-conference teams, Danny Kistler Jr. of Montana and Shawn Johnson representing the first team offense, with Bobcat Brad Daly, and Griz Zack Wagenmann, Jordan Tripp, and JP Kanongata'a on the defensive end.  While the Grizzlies admit it's flattering, they say it's not nearly as important as the team play.

"It's cool being able to be recognized for your individual efforts.  It's nice because we do work hard, and it's nice to be noticed and have that individual award, but with that being said, an individual award is just that, I've heard it's something you put on your wall, and it's not really something that is a main goal for me or the team.  It's great that we have a big number of guys on there because it shows that coaches around the league see we are doing good things, and that's good, but at the same time, we are focused on more important things, and that's taking a step in the right direction, and winning the first game in the playoffs," says junior defensive end Zack Wagenmann.

"Just really proud of our guys, and anytime you do something such as that, when you win, they vote for you, when you lose, they don't, and that's just the nature of that kind of stuff, and that type of publicity," adds Griz head coach Mick Delaney.

Below is a complete list of the 2013 Big Sky All-Conference Football team:


Individual Award



Offensive Player of the Year

Vernon Adams, So., QB, Eastern Washington


Co-Defensive Player of the Year

Sullivan Grosz, Sr., DT, Cal Poly

Brad Daly, Sr., DE, Montana State


Newcomer of the Year

Gabe Manzanares, Jr., RB, UC Davis


Freshman of the Year

Cooper Kupp, Fr., Eastern Washington



First Team Selections


Zach Bauman, RB, Northern Arizona

T.J. Lee III, CB, Eastern Washington



First Team Selections

Greg Hardin, WR, North Dakota

Danny Kistler, OT, Montana

Zack Wagenmann, DE, Montana

Jordan Tripp, LB, Montana, LB

Anders Battle, CB, Northern Arizona, CB

Lucky Dozier, S, Northern Arizona S


Unanimous Selections


Vernon Adams, QB, Eastern Washington

Cooper Kupp, WR, Eastern Washington




Wide Receivers *Cooper Kupp, Fr., Eastern Washington

                       $Greg Hardin, Sr., North Dakota

                       DeAndre Carter, Jr., Sacramento State


Tackles            Mitchell Van Dyk, Sr., Portland State

                       $Danny Kistler, Sr., Montana


Guards            Tyler Worthley, Sr., Sacramento State

                       Lefi Letuligasenoa, Sr., Cal Poly


Center             Ashton Miller, Sr., Eastern Washington


Tight End          RJ Rickert, Jr., Northern Arizona


Quarterback     *Vernon Adams, So., Eastern Washington


Running Back    !Zach Bauman, Sr., Northern Arizona

                       DJ Adams, Sr., Portland State


Fullback           Akaninyene, Umoh, Sr., Cal Poly


Kicker              Colton Cook, Sr., Southern Utah


Return             Shawn Johnson, Jr., Montana State





Tackles            Sullivan Grosz, Sr., Cal Poly

                       Tim Wilkinson, Sr., Northern Arizona


Ends                Brad Daly, Sr., Montana State

                       $Zack Wagenmann, Jr., Montana


Outside LBs      $Jordan Tripp, Sr., Montana

                       JP Kanongata'a, Sr., Montana


Inside LBs         Todd Davis, Sr., Sacramento State

                       Zak Browning, So., Southern Utah


Cornerbacks     $Anders Battle, Sr., Northern Arizona

                       !TJ Lee III, Sr., Eastern Washington


Safeties          $Lucky Dozier, Sr., Northern Arizona

                       Alex Hubbard, Sr., Cal Poly


Punter             Kyle Loomis, Jr., Portland State



Bo Schutzle, Sr., Eastern Washington


*Unanimous Selection

!Three-Time First Team Selection

$Two-Time First Team Selection




Wide Receiver  Ellis Henderson, So., Montana

                        Luke Austin, Sr., Idaho State

                        Ashton Clark, Sr., Eastern Washington


Tackles            Clay DeBord, So., Eastern Washington

                        Giovanni Sani, Sr., Cal Poly


Guards             William Poehls, Sr., Montana

                        Steven Forgette, Sr., Eastern Washington


Center             Roy Garcia, Jr., Northern Arizona

                        Kjelby Oiland, Sr., Montana


Tight End          Tiai Salanoa, Jr., Montana State


Quarterback     Garrett Safron, Jr., Sacramento State


Running Back    Cody Kirk, Sr., Montana State

                         Kristaan Ivory, Jr., Cal Poly


Fullback           Nick Butier, So., Northern Arizona


Kicker              Brendon Garcia, Sr., Idaho State


Return             Ellis Henderson, So., Montana





Tackles            Andru Pulu, Sr., Eastern Washington

                       Alex Bienemann, Sr., Montana


Ends               James Cowser, So., Southern Utah

                       Nick King, Sr., UC Davis


Outside LBs     Ronnie Hamlin, Sr., Eastern Washington

                        Johnny Millard, Sr., Cal Poly


Inside LBs        Brock Coyle, Sr., Montana

                        Clarence Bumpas, Sr., Northern Colorado


Cornerbacks    Anthony Goodwin,Sr., Montana

                        Deonte Flowers, Jr., Montana State


Safeties           Matt Hermanson, Jr., Montana

                        Tommy Collet, Jr., Sr., Southern Utah


Punter             Justin Weldon, Sr., Sacramento State




Chad Newell, Fr., Montana State



Wide Receivers       Tanner Bleskin, Sr., Montana State

                               Morris Norrise, Sr., Sacramento State

                               Kasey Closs, Jr., Portland State


Tackles                   Cody Burgess, Sr., Southern Utah

                               Jacob Julian, Fr., Northern Arizona


Guards                   Cornelius Edison, Jr., Portland State

                               JP Flynn, Fr., Montana State

                               Trevor Poole, Jr., Montana


Center                  Gavin Farr, Sr., Southern Utah


Tight End              Zack Gehring, Sr., Eastern Washington


Quarterback         Jordan Johnson, Jr., Montana


Running Backs       Gabe Manzanares, Jr., UC Davis

                              Quincy Forte, Jr., Eastern Washington


Fullback                Jamal Wilson, So., Montana


Kicker                    Brady Stuart, So., UC Davis


Return Specialist  Greg Hardin, Sr., North Dakota



Tackles                    Tonga Takai, Jr., Montana

                               Chima Ike, Sr., Northern Arizona


Ends                       Anthony Larry, Sr., Eastern Washington

                               Jake Irwin, Jr., Cal Poly


OutsideLBs             Matt Holley, Jr.,Southern Utah

                               Mike Dosen, Sr., Northern Arizona


InsideLBS               Nick Dzubnar, Jr., Cal Poly

                               Austin Hasquet, Jr., Northern Arizona

                               Anthony Morales, Sr., Weber State


Cornerbacks           Tyree Mills, Sr., Southern Utah

                               Jonathan Perkins, Sr., UC Davis


Safeties                  Tevin McDonald, Jr., Eastern Washington

                               David Edgerson, Sr., Portland State


Punter                    Andy Wilder, Sr., Northern Arizona



Ellis Henderson, So., Montana






Wide Receivers – Cole Stanford, Sr., Cal Poly; Cory Mitchell, Jr., Eastern Washington; Shaq Hill, So., Eastern Washington; Chad Hansen, Fr., Idaho State; Cam Warren, WR, Montana; Brian Flotkoetter, Jr., Montana State; Kenny Golladay, So., North Dakota; Jesse Brantley, Sr., Northern Arizona; Nick Cole, Sr., Northern Arizona; Dimitri Stimphill, Jr., Northern Colorado; Will Jefferson, Jr., Northern Colorado; Shane Harrison, So.,Sacramento State; Fatu Moala, Sr., Southern Utah; Tom Hemmingsen, Sr., UC Davis; Erik Walker, Sr., Weber State.


Tackles – Cassidy Curtis, So., Eastern Washington; John Schmaing, So., Montana; Quinn Catalano, Jr., Montana State; John Weidenaar, So., Montana State; Joe Kleason, Sr., North Dakota; Kyle Smith, Fr., Portland State; Ian Joseph, Jr., UC Davis.


Guards – Matt Fisher, Fr., Cal Poly; Brandon Murphy, Sr., Eastern Washington; Terrance Carey, So., Idaho State; Brandon Anderson, So., North Dakota; Jake Solomon, Sr., Northern Colorado; Tyler Olker, Sr.,Northern Colorado; Nick Nissen, Jr., Southern Utah


Center – Stephen Sippel, So., Cal Poly; Mitch Gaulke, Sr., Portland State; Tyson Tiatia, Sr., Weber State; Jay Luchetti, Jr., UC Davis.


Tight Ends – Josh Cook, Fr., Idaho State; Clay Pierson, Sr., Montana; Austin Wilbers, Sr., Northern Colorado; Anthony Norris, So., Southern Utah; Taylor Sloat, Sr., UC Davis.


Quarterbacks – DeNarius McGhee, Sr., Montana State; Seth Lobato, Sr., Northern Colorado.


Running Backs – Xavier Finney, So., Idaho State; Jordan Canada, Jr., Montana; Tromaine Dennis, Sr., Northern Colorado.


Fullbacks – Dalton Turay, Jr., UC Davis; Quinn Zamora, Fr., Northern Colorado.


Kicker – Kevin Miller, Sr., Eastern Washington; Ben Worst, Fr., Montana; Zeb Miller, Sr., North Dakota; Andy Wilder, Sr., Northern Arizona.


Return Specialist: Alex Hubbard, Sr., Cal Poly; Lucky Dozier, Sr., Northern Arizona; Nate Tago, Fr., Portland State; Charles Boyett, Jr., UC Davis; AJ Coney, Fr., Weber State



Tackles – Chris Lawrence, Jr., Cal Poly; Nick Leyden, Sr., Cal Poly; Will Katoa, Sr., Eastern Washington; Dylan Zylstra, Jr., Eastern Washington; Tyler Kuder, So., Idaho State; Taylor Sheridan, So., Montana State; Lexington Smith, Jr., Northern Colorado; Joe Lopez, Jr.,Portland State; Junior Alexis, So., Portland State; Robert Torgerson, Fr., Southern Utah; Toi Taufa, So., Southern Utah; James Washington, Jr., Weber State


Ends – Andrew Alcaraz, Sr., Cal Poly; Evan Day, Jr., Eastern Washington; Austin Graves, Jr., Idaho State; Tyrone Holmes, So.,Montana; Steven Garcia, Sr., Northern Arizona; Gavin Miller, Sr., Northern Colorado; Jeremy Boone, Sr., Portland State; Darnell Sankey, So., Sacramento State; Andrew Eide, Fr., Southern Utah


Outside Linebackers: Cameron Ontko, Jr., Cal Poly; Cole Moore, Jr., Montana State; Leilon Willingham, Jr., Northern Colorado; Max Flores, Jr., Northern Colorado; Chad Hansen, Sr., Southern Utah


Inside Linebackers: Cody McCarthy, Jr., Eastern Washington; Mitch Beckstead, Jr., Idaho State; Alex Singleton, Jr., Montana State; Ryan Reardon, Sr., Northern Arizona; Garrison Goodman, Sr., North Dakota; Jaycob Shoemaker, Sr., Portland State; Steven Pitts, Jr., UC Davis


Cornerbacks – Bijon Samoodi, Sr., Cal Poly; Vante Smith-Johnson, Sr., Cal Poly; Ronald Baines, Sr., Eastern Washington; Nate Harris, So., Montana; Marcus Alford, So., Northern Arizona; Courtney Hall, Jr., Northern Colorado; Aaron Sibley, So., Portland State; Markell Williams, Sr., Sacramento State; LeShaun Sims, So., Southern Utah; Shamawn Wright, So., UC Davis


Safeties - Allen Brown, Sr., Eastern Washington; Cody Sorensen, So., Idaho State; Bo Tully, Sr., Montana; Steven Bethley, Sr., Montana State; Cam Kuksa, Fr., North Dakota; Blair Wishom, Sr., Northern Arizona; Dean Faddis, Sr., Portland State; Miles Killebrew, So., Southern Utah


Punters – Stephen Shaw, So., Montana; Rory Perez, Sr., Montana State; Brock Miller, Sr., Southern Utah; Colby Wadman, Fr., UC Davis; Tony Epperson, P, Weber State



Nick Albano, Jr., Idaho State; Anthony Hughes, Sr., Northern Arizona; Dominique Bennett, Sr., North Dakota; Hayden Plinke, So., Portland State

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