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Room 37

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Are ghosts real?

While experts work to find the answer scientifically, a lodge in West Glacier believes one night's stay is all the proof anyone needs.

The most infamous room is on the third floor of the Belton Lodge. For forty years the lodge was left to rot, but Andy Baxter bought the place back in 1996, and, in doing so, brought something out of the woodwork.

Room 37 has some of the strangest activity ever reported in the Belton, including when the new owners repainted the room--coming back the next day to see the walls completely charred.

"There's like a big burnt spot on the wall where someone had stood there with an oil lamp and the smoke from the lamp had just coated the wall where Albert was working," explained Baxter.

ABC Fox Montana's Parker Collins did not feel anything too out of the ordinary in room 37, but that could have been because he was looking.

"In most cases I have found that it's the guests that are not willing or wanting it that get the experience with the year-round guests," said Christie Dunn, the general manager of the Belton.

The reactions to the supernatural encounters are as varied as the encounters themselves, which seem to have no known historical explanation.

"I think paranormal is...everyone experiences it differently," said Baxter.

Some customers, and employees, have left in the middle of the night after hearing a whisper in the dark.

"I've heard my name and no one being present, or anywhere around," said Dunn.

Some come to the Belton seeking out specters. Either way, Baxter has no regrets about his fateful purchase.

"It's been a wonderful ride and a wonderful experience and we have tremendous help," said Baxter.

Recently, though, ghostly sightings have begun spilling over into neighboring properties, including the train station just down the road.

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