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Montana Looks to Set Noise Record in Washington Grizzly

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It's well documented that Washington Grizzly Stadium is one of the best venues of any FCS program, in large part to the noise is creates.

"I'd take this stadium over any stadium in the country to be honest.  There is something to be said for the concrete we have in here, and the mountains, I think it just holds things in.  I've had arguments with people that say 'oh, it can't be that loud.'  It is that loud," says UM Assistant AD of Marketing, Brynn Molloy.

And that's not just by FCS standards, even after attending games in marquee NFL stadiums, The Grizzlies home-turf still holds strong.

"The thing I love about Washington Grizzly, is even when I came back from Lambeau field, is you're right on top of the field.  It feels tight and compact in there.  Even Lambeau or Century Link field in Seattle, nothing else in the Big Sky compares to just how tight it is and how on top of the field you are," says blogger Brint Wahlberg.

The fans are close, on top of the field, and plenty loud, which coaches and players agree, has a big thing to do with the teams success, and you don't have to look any further than last week's game for proof.

"You get down there toward the end, and in the overtime when they're trying to get themselves together, they were off their game a little bit, and it was because of the noise in the north end zone," says Griz head coach Mick Delaney.  

After similar events at NFL stadiums, a fan movement started to try and measure just how loud Washington Grizzly is, which happened to coincide with the University bringing in a digital decibel monitor to find out for once and for all just how loud Griz fans are.

"So really just show up, and go crazy.  When the Griz are on defense, just make as much noise as you can.  The perfect model is that overtime Cal Poly win, everyone on their feet.  It was a lot of fun," says Wahlberg.

With the Kansas City Chiefs holding the record after registering a 137.5 earlier this season, and the Griz numbers right around 108 decibels in earlier games with analog equipment, the University is confident Griz faithful will put their mark on the game.

"Awesome fans, and It's a Montana thing, we like to be the best, so I think it's awesome that we can pack 26 plus thousand people in here, and can compete with stadiums that have 100 plus.  It's something special.  I don't know what else to say, other than it's a Montana thing," says Molloy.

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