Bozeman's Dominant Defense

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Because Bozeman High's offense is so potent, the defense often times gets over looked. So many times this season, the Hawks defense forces a three and out or a turnover, that leads to the offense scoring points. The defense's motivation, may surprise you.

"We're always talking about goals and the things we're trying to accomplish each game and we give out stickers it's surprising as kindergartners or seniors in high school everybody wants a sticker so that part's pretty fun and it gets them focused," said Bozeman head coach Troy Purcell.

"It makes you look like a tough guy out there on the field you make some plays out there you got out there in front of your friends at the team dinners you just rack up those stickers it's a cool feeling," said senior cornerback Chris Johnson.

"I think it's intimidating like wow that kid's got a lot of stickers he makes plays look out for him." said senior safety Chandler D'Agostino.

Even though the stickers give the hawks defense some swagger, intelligence and experience are catalysts for success.

"These kids are smart that's what helps out a ton people don't realize a lot of times you only get one year as a senior to get an opportunity and some of these guys have three years as a sophomore or have a lot of time," said Purcell.

"We know what to look for out there on the field just specific keys and knowing what to do how to do our jobs we try to stay very job sound and gap secure with what we to and we take pride in that also helps with our stickers," said Johnson.

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