Bozeman's Elite Offensive Line

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Bozeman's offensive line has not allowed a sack all season. Let me repeat that. Bozeman's offensive line has not give up a sack all season. They also block for the state's leading rusher, Hunter Gappmayer. The guys in the trenches are so successful because they have great chemistry.

"I think just how close we are we always hold each other accountable if someone is not necessarily if someone is slacking off a little bit we're going to make sure they get back in line  and we're making sure they're going to the best of their ability," said senior left tackle Riley Kack.

"They really work well together they've been playing since last year which really helps them and so you know what that person is doing next to them that part is very important. They're a smart group they're an athletic group they run well," said Bozeman High head coach Troy Purcell.

The big guys have learned from the past to make the future bright.

"Playing together last year obviously going through the hard times together lifting with each other in the summer you know we all hang out with each other after school. We're a pretty close knit group of guys," said Kack.

The O linemen are blocking for quarterback and Griz commit Will Weyer,  and they take pride in keeping him off the ground.

"He's kind of like our little gift that we got to keep. It's kind of nice having a quarterback like him making big plays. It kind of helps us push us so we can make big plays," said senior left guard Jack Hape.

"We're all good buddies. I have a good relationship with all those guys up front. We're all hanging out when it comes game time," said senior quarterback Will Weyer.

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