Two New GNP Leaders Share Priorities

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The highest ranking official at Glacier National Park is only on day ten of his tenure, but Jeff Mow, the new superintendent, is already planning for the years ahead.

Glacier National Park's newest superintendent, Jeff Mow, has been with the National Park Service for more than two decades up in Alaska, but Mow admits that moving to Montana is like moving into the big leagues.

"In Alaska, I was superintendent of Denali National Park for a short time and there you get 400,000 over the course of the entire season, so there's quite a magnitude of increase there in terms of visitation patters," said Mow, comparing numbers with Glacier's record-breaking summer with visitations well into the millions.

The scale can be scary; just last July, Glacier saw four deaths.

"We don't control everything people do...and I think in a park like Glacier there are going to be people who continually want to push the boundaries. Hopefully they do that safely, but there's always potential consequences," said Mow.

During his interview with ABC FOX Montana, though, Mow mentioned multiple times his excitement for 2016.

"One of the most exciting things, I think, coming up for the National Park Service is 2016, which is the centennial of the National Park Service. That will be a huge celebration, not only celebrating what the park service has accomplished in the last hundred years, but also looking forward," explained Mow.

With this commemoration, Mow says he hopes to involve the younger generation in the park, and the newest CEO of Glacier National Park Conservancy agrees.

"Engaging the next leadership, the youth of our country, as the future stewards of the park," said Mark Preiss, made CEO of the Conservancy in August, "All of those sort of initiatives and priorities are part of the call to action and part of the centennial "

Programs like the Glacier Youth Corps Partnership, a volunteer endeavor supported by the Conservancy, began as a way to spark interest in park and land management for the next generation--one of Mow's biggest goals for his time at the helm.

The Glacier Youth Corps Partnership has ended for the year. It will continue next summer, capping the two-year pilot program.

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