Cats Offense Ready For Monmouth

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Nobody has film on new offensive coordinator Tim Cramsey's schemes.  So does that give Montana State's offense an advantage versus Monmouth?

I hope so I think it will be it's one of the difference of having a new coordinator. We've gone out and said it's going to look a lot like in the past. So they know that and they can look at New Hampshire film and Florida International film," said head coach Rob Ash.

With Monmouth being the opener, how much of the offense will we see?

"That's a good question because that's kind of one of my deals sometimes i don't even know what he's going to call because it keeps you on your toes," said Tanner Bleskin.

"We're just scratching the surface we're just getting started. We're going to run plays that we know and we're gonna run plays that will work so we're going to try to make it simple so our guys can play fast so that's how it'll be. Hopefully we'll save something for a future opponent," said Ash.

"This is the only regular season night game at Bobcat Stadium, and everyone's excited to get this thing going.

"I love it it's the first game. Everyone's excited around this school around this town. That's where everybody is on Thursday night. The players we've all been going at each other the past three weeks so it'll be nice to compete against someone else," said senior safety Steven Bethley.

"I love the night game I love that it's on Thursday. We'll have a couple extra days to recover because it's a drain getting the coaches and players getting ready for the next game. It's nice to have that time to recover and relax," said Ash. 

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