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Osprey's Trahan Up for "Moniker Madness" Award

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"My mom came up with it, it was a character in an old show with Burt Reynolds," says Osprey Catcher Stryker Trahan, of his first name.

But his last name, is a little tougher to pin down.

"I could have sworn for the longest time it was Tray-Han, and that's what I called him when I saw his name and saw he was drafted.  Then when I first met him, that was the first thing I asked was how to pronounce his last name," says Osprey Manager Robby Hammock.

Hammock pronounced it incorrectly with his attempt, but just how many other pronunciations has Striker heard.

"Tray-Han, Tray-Hawn, Truh-Han, Trah-Han, everything," says Trahan.

So how is it ACTUALLY said?

"The best way I heard it described is you have to use your nose a little bit, (Truh-Haw) actually have to use your nose a lot,"

But Hammock takes a little different approach when referring to the power-hitting catcher.

"You pronounce his last name Stryker, that's how you say it," says Hammock.

Maybe a difficult name to pronounce, one said incorrectly at most ballparks around the pioneer league, but it's not anything that phases Stryker.

"No, it's not that bad.  A lot of people mispronounce it, but it's easy for me to explain to someone else on how to spell it over the phone and stuff," says Trahan.

With his unique name, Stryker was chosen as one of the names on Minor League Baseballs 'Moniker Madness' in bracket style competition where fans vote on who has the best name in all of the minor leagues, just one more thing that makes minor league baseball plenty of fun.

"The fraternity of it is outstanding, the clubhouse, the bus rides, the different experiences in the small towns.  You think about packing up with however many of your best friends and going on a road trip for three months, that's pretty much what it amounts to," says Hammock.

With competition in moniker madness like former Osprey players Jose Jose, and Socrates Brito, Stryker has taken the time to see what he's going up against.

"I actually took a look at it, my fiance was in town, and she sped me up on what's going on, I even got on facebook and all my family is voting all day every day, so it's kind of funny," says Trahan.

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