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Hamilton Duo Looking Forward to Shodair

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The Shodair Soccer Classic happens this Saturday in Helena, with all the top graduating seniors competing East verse West.

While there were players who were expected to be on the rosters, a few others were almost surprised when given the opportunity, including some of the class A players.

"I was really happy, I thought Reese would get it because he was all-state, but I got all-conference and wasn't sure, so I'm really excited," says former Hamilton mid-fielder Sam Kern.

Being from a lower classification, the two Hamilton Broncs realize they are going up against a different level of competition at the Shodair game.

"I know the class AA is a lot faster, and more quick paced than class A, but a couple games we get will be fast soccer, and fun to play with,"says former Hamilton defender Reese Isherwood.

"I think it's going to be a great challenge.  Playing Class A, a lot of times, it's easier to beat some of the other players, but with the AA, All-Conference, and All-State (selections) It's really going to step up our game I think," says Kern.

While the number of class a representatives are low at the Shodair Classic, there are even fewer players who get to play with their high school teammates.

"It makes me feel a lot better, at least I'll have someone I can talk to there that I know. We've been friends since elementary school, so we've known each other and played together for years, so it's a real privilege to go there with him," says Isherwood.

"I'm really excited to play with Reese, We were really close during soccer season, and then he played tennis, while I was doing club soccer, so we didn't see each other much.  I think it's going to be fun," says Kern.

One last shot at high school soccer is something they all look forward to, but the events leading up to the game are often what get  remembered the most.

"We're going to go on a boat ride to the Gates of the Mountain, we're going to help out some little kids (at the soccer clinic) and we'll go to the Shodair Hospital to talk with a bunch of the children there, and I'm kind of excited to do that," says Isherwood

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