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It's 7 a.m. and most people are probably still sleeping, but if you're a Griz athlete this is just your typical Friday morning.

"You know we are firm believers in the weight room and how you train in the weight room can directly translate to the field," said Senior Linebacker Jordan Tripp.

A little later at 10 a.m. the men's basketball team works on their conditioning.  While the summer may be considered the off season, there's really no down time if you play for the Griz.

"It's definitely a year long process, we're in here during the summer, the spring, we're in here during the season it just keeps on rotating so it's real hard," said Junior Guard Keron DeShields.

"Yea I mean it's not all the eye candy like running out of the tunnel which everyone sees on Saturdays which is fun but we're here from January to January it's a year round sport," said Tripp.

Head trainer Charlie Woida and his staff are the people the fans don't often see.  They're the ones responsible for getting the athletes in the best physical shape so they can perform at their best.

"We have a saying that we put on the workout sheets sometimes and it says before they win on the court they have to do many little things before that will allow them to do that and that's what we do in the weight room.  The weight room is consistency, you're not going to get the results unless you are in there day in and day out following the plan," said Woida.

Following that conditioning plan is not easy but players say the benefits are worth it.

"I love conditioning, I love it, but I grew to love it don't get me wrong.  When I was a freshman it was tough but Charlie has been building me up and I'm ready now," said DeShields.

Conditioning not only benefits the individual but can be great for team bonding as well.

"It's definitely exciting and all of us as athletes like to compete and when we all get together and get our taste and a good time and people are always excited for Friday workouts," said Senior Corner Sean Murray.

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