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Local Woman Helps Homeless Families Succeed

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BOZEMAN - Starting your life over in a new place is never easy.

Family Promise is an organization that helps homeless families get back on their feet by helping them find a job, budget their finances and teach them life and parenting skills.

Autumn Dempsey moved to Bozeman last year with her three boys and needed the support of Family Promise.

When she signed up for the program, she met was Gloria Edwards, the program's Executive Director, right away.

"Every time she came in she was smiling and asking everybody questions about how everything was going," said Dempsey. "She is always keeping up with what we were doing and making sure everything was going good."

Gloria helped Autumn get through one of the toughest times of her life. She said Gloria always goes above and beyond to help the families.

"One night, I left my lights on and my car battery died and Gloria called me back and asked me if I was okay and made sure I got my car started again," said Dempsey.

Gloria started Family Promise in Bozeman in 2006 and since then has helped over 100 struggling families in the Gallatin Valley. Previously, she worked with victims of violent crime for 13 years.

She said the best part of her job is watching families grow and develop.

"I've had the privilege of watching a number of our families turn around and go through our volunteer training and now volunteer to help other families," said Edwards. "Being able to see the whole cycle is a blessing."

And everyday she has a smile on her face.

"I've kind of seen everything and nothing really upsets me," said Edwards. "I just really enjoy things and I think people really need to be doing whatever they love and have a passion for."

She said she loves the variety of her job.

"I get to do everything from plunge toilets to drive the van to write grants," said Edwards. "I love being able to really see the community as a whole and really see the best part of the community."

Autumn says even though she's out of the program, Gloria is still always there for her.

"The other day she sent me a card just to let me know that she thought I was a strong and beautiful woman and I had come a long way," said Dempsey.

In addition to Gloria's overwhelming help, Family Promise has over 1,500 volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, call Family Promise at 582-7388

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