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Montana State Football New Uniforms

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Montana State revealed their new Under Armour football uniforms, and while Under Armour has the reputation of eye popping, in your face jerseys, head coach Rob Ash was glad that they stayed classy.

"There was a lot of concern that we might go to a flashier uniform that would be popular to just a few people and very unpopular to a lot of people but we tried to stay more mainstream," said head coach Rob Ash.

"I thought they did a good job because you've seen a lot of Under Armour jerseys and they just kind of go crazy and you're like what is that who do they even play for so it's cool. We're keeping our colors and staying classy," said senior wide receiver Tanner Bleskin.

"I think we've always had the swagger we play football we play Montana State football. The bobcat style the bobcat brand it's still there. We're gonna play no matter what uniform we have on its just another effect that we have some nice uniforms," said running backs coach Demo Odems.

But when you think of Under Armour, you think of "Click Clack, "and "We must protect this house." Safety Steven Bethley says that brings some swagger to the cats.

"Every Saturday you build that confidence up you go out there with a little more swagger every week and you feel that swagger," said Bethley.

There was a lot of talk of what the new helmet would look like, the new bobcat logo,  the New M. Head Coach Rob Ash says it's unique to Montana State.

"Other M's block M's Michigan are so standard I think it's cool that we have a different mark and over time I think it will become something that people say that's not Michigan that's somebody else so hopefully they'll start thinking about us," said Ash.

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