Exclusive Barry Beach Interview

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"Oh I will get out again. My true home is on the streets. I don't belong where I'm sitting right now. I've never belonged where I'm sitting right now."

For the first time since being sent back to prison Barry Beach is opening up and he speaks exclusively to ABC FOX MONTANA's Sarah Gravlee.

It could be just a matter of days before we know if the Montana Supreme Court will re-consider it's decision to send Barry Beach back to prison.

On May 14th the supreme court issued a ruling reversing a district court judge's decision to grant the convicted killer a new trial. Day's later Beach's attorneys asked the supreme court to reconsider its decision. As the prosecutors, the attorney general's office has a chance to respond. They filed that response today saying the supreme court filed a factually detailed and legally correct opinion and should not reconsider their decision to put Beach back behind bars.

The assistant for the Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court says they expect the court to take up the petition in the next few weeks.

We'll have much more on this exclusive interview opportunity tonight on the ABC MONTANA NEWS at 5:30 and the FOX MONTANA NEWS at 9:00.

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