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Regular Season Lengths; Change Them or Not?

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With the NFL thinking of going to an 18 game schedule it made me think of the schedules for the three major sports and how long I think each of them should be.

NFL- I am very much opposed to the NFL switching to an 18 game schedule. I feel like the 16 game schedule is perfect and don't see many benefits switching to 18 games, (besides the NFL and teams making more money) which I could care less about. I feel like the NFL is such a grueling sport as is, adding two more games would be too much to ask the players to go through. 

The NFL is also talking about adding at least two more playoff teams per conference. This would be terrible. Yes, it would maybe mean my Chargers would still have a chance to make the playoffs after going 5-8 to start the season, but that would also mean last year's Jets team would be in the hunt as well and that is something nobody wants to see.

In my opinion, the NFL is the only sport that has it right when it comes to the number of games in the regular season and how the playoffs are constructed. I will explain to you in the next few paragraphs what I think would make MLB and the NBA better, although it would NEVER happen.

MLB- Cut the season in HALF. Okay, I know a lot of diehard baseball fans probably just had a heart attack so I will compromise and settle at 100 games. First of all, everything I am saying would never happen because of money, record books, etc. but don't tell me the season wouldn't be better if it was cut to 81 or even 100 games. With 162 games it diminishes the importance of a single game and makes the casual fan tune baseball out. Why would I watch baseball in April/May/June when I can watch the NBA and NHL playoffs and then pick baseball up in August and watch the last couple months? 

Another thing I must rant on that has nothing to do with the amount of games but would improve the MLB product is the time between pitches. Baseball is already a slow sport and I kind of like that about it, but there is SO much time wasted in between pitches it's crazy. If baseball wants to improve their audience they should make a rule giving the batter ten seconds in between pitches. You don't need to step out of the box, re-strap your batting gloves, take off your helmet and adjust your hair, or have a tea party, just step one foot out look at the sign and get back in the box. 

Anyway's, back to the MLB scheduling issue. Remember when the Rays beat the Yankees, the Red Sox lost to Baltimore and the Phillies beat the Braves? That day was awesome! Why? Because all the games mattered. If MLB would cut their games in half that would put some much needed urgency throughout players and the league and I think it would make the product better. AND we wouldn't have to watch baseball in the freezing month of October!! Too bad it would never happen.

NBA- I also think the NBA could reduce their number of games in the regular season. When we had the lockout and there was only sixty something games it made it SO much better. Besides the money aspect, there is absolutely no reason why the NBA needs to have 82 games. After game 40 we already know 14 of the 16 teams who will make the playoffs and the one's fighting for the last sports aren't going to do anything in the playoffs anyway's.

A lot of fans say the NBA playoffs are too long and when you think about it they really are. It seems like a year ago the Heat were playing the Bucks in the first round, or the Lakers were getting waxed by the Spurs. I happen to love the NBA playoffs, mostly because it gives me 40 games in 40 nights and I always have something to watch and look forward to. I think the playoffs wouldn't seem so long if the regular season was cut down to 60 games.

So there's the schedule changes I would make:

NFL-No changes

MLB-100 games

NBA-60 games

Unfortunately the NBA and MLB would never cut down their regular season games and the NFL seems to be adding them. Regardless, I will continue to watch all three leagues because I love all three sports but I think it would make for some interesting scenarios if the schedules were changed to my liking.

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