UM Rodeo to Host College Rodeo Finale

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The UM rodeo team is in a transition year, with a first year head coach.

"We're right at the very beginning, and you're going to seesome great things in the future, I'm just glad I got to be a part of this newprogram for as short amount of time as I did," says UM Rodeo senior Clay Sacks.

 While seniors like Clay have been in the program for severalyears, the UM rodeo team also features Brette Rubie, a former collegebasketball player in her first season on the team."

"Rodeo has been awesome, at Bozeman I think that wasprobably the most packed arena I've had in my college experience and that was alot fun, " says Rubie.

 With tomorrows rodeo the last of the regular season, thetiming makes it a little difficult for the team, since finals start on Monday.

"Next week we're all busy, for us especially, the seniors,this is the last push until we're done, so it's a little stressful not being inhotel rooms, your horses are in their own pen, not in some strange stall," says UM Rodeo senior Mariah Rys-Sikora

Even if the timing isn't ideal, the whole team looks forwardto their one home rodeo of the year.

"It makes you feel good rodeo-ing at home, all your friends,family, and other people get to come and see you and support you," says UM Rodeo bareback rider Larry Bower.

"We rope around here, we know the enviroment.  We're in the arena right now, and ofcourse it's welcoming, you have great fans, home-court advantage," says Sacks.

While crowds in the past have varied, the team is keeping apositive attitude about a packed-house.

"I'm hoping for a big turn-out, we've been promoting thisfor a long time, I know everyone is on their facbeook status coming ‘come toMissoula rodeo,"says Rubie.

"And I know since this weather is great, we'll have tonsmore people than normal, and I just encourage everyone to come out, because itmeans a lot during the perfs when you see your crowd screaming for you," adds Rys-Sikora.

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