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Why I Love the NBA Playoffs

5 Reasons Why I Love the NBA Playoffs

1--All the storylines that take place within a seven game series.  For example, just take a look at the plots and sub plots involved within the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat series.  The Bulls somehow managed to get out of the first round despite injuries to Luol Deng, Kirk Heinrich, Noah is playing with a foot injury and Rose has been out all season.  There is speculation on whether or not Derrick Rose will come back, the Heat are trying to repeat, these teams don't like each other, Nate Robinson has been Mr. Bigshot, LeBron responded with an MVP performance  and the series is tied at one!! What is there not to love about that?

2--Stars are born in the playoffs.  If you have not had a chance to watch Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors you are missing out on one of the best young stars of the game.  I mean the kid can shoot from anywhere on the floor, can dish out dimes with the best of them and he has nasty handles.  On the Eastern Conference side of things the Indian Pacers are led by Paul George who has had a breakout year and continued that in the playoffs already recording a triple-double.  And they may be considered stars already but the Blues Brothers in Memphis, I'm talking about Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, have been BEASTING anyone who stands in their path.  They play in a small market town and not a lot of the nation gets to see them play and they are letting themselves be known in these 2013 playoffs.

3--Series vs One Game- I love the NCAA tournament and the do or die situation it puts the teams in.  Anything can happen if a team gets hot just look at what FGCU and Wichita State were able to accomplish!  But there is just something special about having to play the same team in a best of seven series.  The coaching adjustments are the main thing I like to look for.  A great coach is so important in the playoffs because when you play a team so many times you need to find new ways and wrinkles to be able to score and stop your opponent in new and confusing ways.  A seven game series is like a championship fight with both teams exchanging punches and it's awesome to watch.

4--I feel there are a lot of NBA haters out there who don't have a team or even watch the league at all, but love NCAA hoops.  They say the NBA has "no defense" and there is a "lack of effort."  I find this argument blasphemous when it comes to the playoffs.  I love to watch basketball on any level but I like to watch it played at the highest level there is and that is in the NBA playoffs.  Basketball players are the best athletes in sports and to watch them lay it all out on the line in the playoffs (which is probably the most grueling of all the major sports when it comes to postseason's,) is an incredible sight.

5--40 games in 40 nights!  I absolutely love that there are multiple games on every night while playoffs are underway.  The conference semifinals are one of my favorite times because there are two games on every night and they are usually pretty competitive series.  You never have any down time (unlike the NFL) and have something to watch every single night for over a month, how can you beat that!

I am not saying the NBA playoffs are the best postseason there is, as I've heard the NHL playoffs are better but I'm not really a hockey fan and neither is the majority of the country.  All I am saying is that I find them very entertaining to watch because of the five reasons I listed above and hope you can enjoy them as much as I do.

Life is a sport so go out and win!


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