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Frontier Conference Golf Tournament

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The Frontier Conference golf tournament wrapped up today in Missoula at Larchmontgolfcourse.

We'll start out onthe men's side, where Rocky Mountain sophomore, and Scotland native DanielThompsett took home the individual title, winning by six strokes.

"Feels great (laughs)I was shaking coming down the last holes. But I'm just glad to get it done, just steady golf, just keeping it onplay, keeping it on the greens, it's what I needed to do, and went out and didit," says Thompsett

As far as the teamchampionships are concerned…despite great play by Carroll College on the finalday to improve by six strokes, they still fell two short, with Lewis and ClarkState College taking home the men's title.

"When you think of897 shots over 54 holes, and we came up just two short.  It's tough, but the guys did a greatjob.  Second place the last threeyears for the senior class, they went second, first, and second, so it's agreat three year stretch there," says Carroll head coach Ben MacIntyre.

LCSC also won for thewomen's side, but former Carroll College basketball player Jackie Mee took homethe individual title, pretty impressive if you consider she hadn't playedorganized golf for several years.

"I just wanted to dothe best that I could, and a goal was definitely to be in the top ten because Iwanted to be all-conference, so I just went out there, did the best I could, sohere I am.  It's not what I expected,but it's definitely a good surprise," says Mee.

"She's going to go tothe National Championship, it will be a great representative of the Frontierconference, and especially Carroll College, a nursing student, 4.0.  Just has a great temperament for thegame, and she battled really hard," says MacIntyre

Not only does Mee getto compete in Nationals, the championship is in a place She doesn't know muchabout.

"I've never been toNebraska before, so now I get to go (Laughs) and I'm really excited about that,It's crazy, it still hasn't really all set in, but it's fun to hear your namecalled at the end, so I'm pretty excited." says Mee.

While MacIntyrecoached the men's team at national last year, this will be his first timecoaching just one player.

"She'll be the loneone.  Schools going to finish, butwe're going ot have to keep her in Helena and keep practicing, but just a greatopportunity for her to continue to work on her game and obviously as a coach,all the effort and attention is going to be with one player, instead of the five," says MacIntyre

Even though she hasto start her summer break later than her classmates, Mee doesn't mind at all.

"Golfing is alwaysfun.  Even your worst day on thegolf course is better than your best day at school or best day on the job, oranything, so it will be exciting just to keep playing and keep practicing andtrying to get better before I get to go to Nebraska," says Mee

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